Trimr - shaker and bottle in one!

The innovation for those on-the-go, exercising or at home

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shake and drink in one
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More than just a drinking bottle!

The things people love most about bottles and shakers have been combined in the Trimr. The result is the first ever hybrid bottle - a bottle with an integrated shaker – from the Trimr company, in the USA.

At last, you can effortlessly mix protein drinks for sports, food supplements and diet shakes and fruit juices. Even pancake batter, teriyaki or BBQ sauces, salad dressings, instant coffee and much more are so easy to make.

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82 percent of women prefer to drink through a straw

Straw or cup? Decide spontaneously! A fold-out straw is incorporated inside the Trimr’s lid. But you can also just open the cap and use the bottle as a cup.

Absolutely watertight: once sealed, the liquid stays where it belongs - in the bottle!

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Ergonomic and practical

The Trimr sits ergonomically in the hand. And it fits in all standard cup holders. This was an important consideration for the Trimr company during development. Weighing just 200g and with a capacity of 700ml the Trimr is the ideal companion.

The Trimr is optionally available with soft-touch coating (Naked ™) for a particularly comfortable feel.

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Shaking is the new mixing

The special technology makes it all possible: The shaking spring is shaped like the Cyclone ™ agitator. In contrast to spherical springs this gives it an ideal operating range, creating the perfect mixing result: Protein, nutrition and dietary supplement shakes are lump-free and beautifully creamy. The Trimr can even handle peanut butter, yogurt or oatmeal.

The spring is made of surgical stainless steel (316). Thanks to this excellent quality it will never rust, tarnish or flake. So you can simply leave this in the bottle, in complete safety, even if you only drink water from your Trimr.

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Thought through from top to bottom

The non-slip TPE base leaves no marks, even on delicate surfaces. Moreover the Trimr is virtually unbreakable and dishwasher safe.

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Fold-out straw

Wide cup outlet

BPA free Tritan® bottle

Patented straw

Cyclone™ agitator spring

Non-slip TPE base

A quality product made from quality materials

The Trimr is made of environmentally friendly materials such as Eastman Tritan ®, it is BPA free, and free of taste and odour.

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Additional information

The Trimr is available in 5 different transparent colors - to match every outfit. Further colours can be arranged to meet B2B customers’ requirements.

Perfect presentation: The simple, but stylish Trimr display stand shows off its various colors to their best advantage. You can be certain that a strategically placed Trimr stand will get the desired attention.

Trimr is patent pending!


Check out the short video and learn more about Trimr’s extensive features and wide range of uses.


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